Thursday, September 15, 2011

Western Fair "Living Vines" - Part C

When I was at the Western Fair I was blown away by the "Living Vines". I was fascinated on how real they looked as well as how well they were able to blend in. There was two people performing outside moving around on stilts, covered in vines and makeup. They would walk around the fair and do some moves like you would see in cirque du soleil. It was so entertaining and fun. 

Western Fair "Reptile". - Part B

 It was great having the Little Ray's Reptile Zoo ( come and explain about reptiles at the Western Fair this week.  One message that I strongly agree about is, to go do some research of the animal or reptile you want to buy or adopt. That way you can make sure that you know what you are getting into. These animals or reptiles do get very big and need special treatment. Please think long and hard before you choose to get one. 
Also another thing I thought was true is we should start learning more about the endangered animals in Canada or even in our area and try our best to help them before we go and send more off to other animals around the world that do not effect us as much as the animals in our backyard.   


 Female Pythons 

 Female Alligator 

The tortoise was interesting to see.

There was information every where they had fossils explaining things about the reptile. Also they were telling you about other reptiles that are similar now and back in the dinosaur times. 

Western Fair - Part A

Went to the Western Fair this week and had a wonderful time. that have all sorts of games and rides for all ages. The Western Fair was founded in 1867 ( You can see that this fair is very successful with the amount of years that it has been around. The people there were so polite, helpful and well organized which was great. I was there for 6 hours and I think it is well worth going to see.

Outside they had a little petting zoo and pony rides. Also they had animals shows for entertainment (pig race, Dog show, etc). they had a booths everywhere to make it accessible for everyone to buy tickets. There was a lot of choices for food like fried onion, candies, wings, pizza, poutine, corndogs, beer nuts, etc. I got to see a lot of kids with face paintings. There was  much more at the fair.

Inside they had a Photography showing of local photographers and amateurs. There was also other art displayed. Farmer games were inside for young kids. Other food stations inside as well. There was lots of stations to sign up to win free things and a lot of booth of people promoting there business or/and product. 

In the same area or same ground there's also activities for the adults. For example Concerts, Fine Dinning, games like the OLG Slots, Raceway, Betting,  Special Events, Sports section etc.

Some of the rides.

They had a section for animals.

Deep Fried Mars Bar. MMMM.

Other rides and games for children.

This is a wonderful place to take your family, your date or just to have a blast with friends. I know I had an amazing time there and I'm sure you will to.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

A Festival of Poland

Today I took a very nice walk to the Covent Garden Market ( on the corner of Richmond and King St. At the market they were celebrating the wonderful country of Poland in Central Europe.  The Festival started at 11:00 and ended at 18:00. 

During this time of festivities I was able to try and experience new polish foods and see some of the art work and jewelries. Also I was able to go back in time and think of all the good memories I was able to have with my grandparents since they were the ones that introduced me to traditional polish foods, while I ate some familiar foods at the festival today.

The next two pictures was a beautiful polish lady sitting on this bench practicing for her performance later on that day. She had a beautiful voice and I thought her outfit was beautiful as well. 

The next two pictures was a group of people doing a wonderful dance. I also thought there clothes were gorgeous. 

Later on during the day I was able to witness an interesting dance with wooden shoes (it looked painful). These shoes reminded me of tap dancing shoes because while they were dancing the dancers would stomp there feet, clap them together, and do other movements to make different sounds with there feet just like tap dancers would have done as well. 

Part way threw the day a group called The TomatoSoup Band ( came and performed a great musical show. They were very very good. 

I had such a wonderful time at the festival today. Was able to see and taste all kinds of things. But I had to leave before it finished because I was starting to burn and get heat stroke. At least it was a beautiful to have a great festive day. Hope they do it again next year.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

My Thoughts